• About Vantone Foundation

Established on 16 April 2008, Beijing Vantone Foundation is a non-public foundation registered with the Beijing Municipal Civil Administration. Devoted to communication, research, and financial assistance in fields such as environmental protection, energy saving, education, and poverty alleviation, the Foundation is managed by an independent Board of Directors and operated by a full-time management team. The Foundation abides by the regulations and supervision of the government and the public based on the basic principles of honesty, transparency, efficiency, and democracy.


The Foundation’s purpose is to push forward environmental protection and energy conservation, and to promote harmony between man and nature. Its main business endeavor is to promote the construction of ecological communities. In the next few years, the Foundation will disseminate and advocate capacity building and comprehensive funding strategies, and explore the level of maturity and potential for construction of ecological communities through research . The Foundation will become an important driving force for the construction of urban ecological communities in China.



Create a harmonious living space between people, and between man and nature.



Push forward environmental protection and energy conservation, and promote harmony between man and nature.



Put forth environmental protection concepts and knowledge;


Advocate environmentally friendly lifestyles;


Support theoretical research;


Analyze policies and practices concerning urban and rural ecological construction;


Encourage residents of communities to participate in the management and construction of their respective communities in an effort to help create a harmonious society. 


Foundation Website: www.vantonefound.org